Our Charity’s Mission…

is to provide FREE Medical care using 100% organic herbs.

FREE Consultations

We provide the residents with free medical consultations. We also carry out a full assessment of the patient’s current health.

100% Organic

We use 300+ medical herbs, and much of our food is grown on site by our team on our organic farm.

FREE Home Visit

Using our 4×4 we visit the seriously ill and provide them both with medical support and much needed food.

Our Own Formulas

We have developed a range of 100% Organic Medical Herbs formulas which we intend to manufacture (patents pending) for all Africa.

HIV+ Testing

We provide all of our patients who visit our clinic with HIV testing, using finger prick blood analysis.

FREE Contraception

We promote safer sex and actively give out free contraception and always provide accompanying health education.

For over a decade

We have been saving lives

The Global Natural Healthcare Trust has been active on the Orange Farm settlement, Johannesburg in South Africa, since 2001. Meeting the needs of general medical patients and those affected by HIV/AIDS, to date the Trust have served over 20000 +/- patients and we are currently seeing over 100 patients a day. Over the years our role within the community has grown to include providing social care to individuals, families and orphans.

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Lives We Have Changed:

Registered Orphans
HIV+ / AIDS Patients
Severeley Malnourished
Full Time Jobs

How we help

Kernow House

A unique specialist medical unit that cares for youngsters who are orphaned, homeless and severely sick. Without our help and support these children would simply be left to die.


These children are the innocent victims of the AIDS pandemic. There are over 100,000 orphans on The Orange Farm settlement.

The GNHCT Clinic

Our clinic is the only one on the Orange Farm settlement and is free to everyone. Our health care support team provide free live saving 24/7 care.

Health Education

By using medical herbs (which is their tradition) we have their trust and are able to help patients reach optimum health. The presentation by GNHCT of both health and sex education is also trusted.


We need £10,000 a month, which could be covered by 2000 people giving £5 a month, or 1000 people giving £10 a month.

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