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Annette Montague-Thomas was so moved after seeing a documentary on the Aids pandemic, which is still today devastating villages, that she resolved to do something about it. She flew to South Africa and was shocked by what she found. People lying, crying, dying in townships with no medical care and many at starvation level. Since then she works tirelessly to give hope to the people living in the largest known informal settlement in South Africa, which is called Orange Farm.

24/7 care for the sickest people

Herbal medicine is available 24/7

Health Care

Helping over 20,000 +/- patients

Fight against HIV

14 Years Of Dedication

We were called to a shack where we found two small children laying either side of their dead mother. We gently asked "what is happening?" The children replied "we are trying to keep Mummy warm".

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Our Team

Annette Montague-Thomas
Trustee & Founder

I am the Founder of The Global Natural Healthcare Trust.
By profession I am a Registered Medical Herbalist with over 30 years of experience.
I am based in the U.K. and in South Africa.
For the past 30 years I have been in and out of Africa, so I understand its needs and the plight of those that are sick.
15 years of my life has been given to those in need who are afflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS and AIDS related disorders.
You are welcome to e-mail me with any questions about the charity on info@gnhct.com

Liz Lyden
Trustee & Registered Medical Herbalist

By profession I am a Registered Medical Herbalist.
I have over 20 years’ experience in practice and I am based in Wales and Ireland.
Both The Founder of GNHCT and I belong to the same professional organisation: The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners www.urhp.com
I have visited and worked in South Africa many times; and am very proud of what we have all achieved.
To be able to help over 20,000 +/- patients, (who without our help would have lost their lives) represents a great achievement.
I look forward to the roll out development plans with the Children’s Hospice and the EMR Food and Medical programmes.
I am eager to work with any individual or company who would like to contribute to GNHCT. Please contact me direct on lizlyden@msn.com

Philip Proctor
Trustee & Architect

By profession I am an architect here in the U.K.
I am based in Dorset and am also a Rotarian.
Since the beginning of this wonderful charity in 2001; I have been a Trustee.
I have been out to South Africa several times; and in my professional capacity I have been able to oversee much of what has developed during the past 12 years.
This year (2015) a Childrens’ Hospice is being designed and built. The Hospice will accommodate around 20 children and be designed in such a practical fashion that children can meet in the Hospice.
Many hospices seem to have rooms running down corridors and the rooms lead patients to solitude; where as ours will have a communal garden where children have access to the gardens from their verandas and communal rooms.
The childrens lives may be short, they can have happy and caring endings.
GNHCT would welcone any financial contributions towards the children’s Hospice. Please contact me directly, should you wish to make a donation. phil@philipproctor.co.uk

Joss Wood
Trustee & Agronomist

By profession I am an agronomist, and my work entails looking after several thousand hectares of arable farmland throughout the U.K.
I am based in Dorset and also a Rotarian.
GNHCT was started by a great friend of our family, it was formed to meet a need to help those afflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS and AIDS related disorders.
I am very proud to be a Truste of the charity since the very beginning and enjoy the Trustee’s monthly reports that arrive on our desks 24 hours after The Founder has landed.
My long term aim is to help manage the GNHCT Food Program.
I am eager to get farm machinery donated in South Africain order to help. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly: josswood@outlook.com

Diane Dyckhoff
Trustee & Registered Nurse

By profession I am a registered nurse in the U.K. and have a company that cares for those in their own homes. I also have a nursing home which is residential for those who need 24/7 care.
My role has been to help raise funds to see the childrens’ unit known as The Cuddle Centre completed; which has taken over five years.
We are now hoping to have Social Services in South Africa take over the monthly running costs.
I will now be involved with the Childrens’ Hospice.
I have been out to South Africa many times and worked in the Clinic which is both very demanding and extremely necessary in a very poor area.
When I first went out to South Africa government clinics were prescribing Panado for their HIV/AIDS patients as no ARV’s were being rolled out.
Although herbal medicine was a new concept to me, I have witnessed excellent results.
I am now keen to raise further funds for a much needed Childrens’ Hospice. Please feel free to contact me for further details; dsd@trewcare.co.uk

Beth Harrison
Trustee & Special Needs Teacher

By profession I am a Special Needs Teacher based in the U.K.
I have been out to South Africa and helped at the clinic with the Orphans annual Christmas Party.
As there are now over 100,000+/- orphans on The Orange Farm Settlement; we can sadly no longer have these parties, as the expenses are too high.
What I want to see is education in place for the orphans that GNHCT care for in The Cuddle Centre. Although the children are afflicted with HIV/AIDS their education and routine is vital to offer a balance
to their fragile lives. I am heading up the fundraising for educational needs for around 80 children per month. If you would like to work with me to achieve this, then please contact me directly;

Pauline Burton-Page

I have known The Founder of this charity, for over 30 years and I have had the honour of working alongside her in South Africa in the early days, when hundreds of patients
flooded into the compound, to wait for our medical services. The waiting rooms were so packed with patients that there was no floor space left, while others sat outside in the grounds. Once our clinic had finished it could be late in the day, however our day was not over, as we then went on to carry out medical services to those living in shacks that were bedridden. The day did not stop even there, because after a long haul home, we stayed up most of the night, in order to make medicines for the next day. Since 2001, this charity has saved the lives of thousands of HIV/AIDS and AIDS related disorder patients.
I am very proud to be a Trustee. My husband and I help out wherever possible.
We are now involved in the fundraising for The Childrens’ Hospice. Please feel free to contact me directly;

Peter Bunyard
Trustee & Climatologist

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Current goals of GNHCT






Simple. To save lives.

To educate people on HIV/AIDS and Safer Sex.

To care for vulnerable orphans left behind by the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.

To get our Herbal Formulas out all over Africa; to stop the unnecessary suffering

To provide food parcels in an EMR situation when possible.

GNHCT Successes

Patients Helped (20000 +/-)
Orphans Helped (13,000 +/-)
HIV+ Blood Tests (8000 +/-)