Save a life challenge

The Global Natural Healthcare Trust have started a new campaign.

After 16 years of caring for several thousand patients in South Africa we now aim to bring out a range of herbal medicines to treat ;and heal many people who will be both adults and children.


We can grow most of the required Medical Herbs on our farm in South Africa

The rest we can grow right here in the U.K. and export

The costs that we have to find now are to get the medicines manufactured by a highly professional and renowned large pharmaceutical company that specializes in Herbal medicines, they also have a logistic section that will get the medicines out to clinics and dispensary’s where needed.

The sooner this is done the quicker we can heal more people.

When we asked people how they felt about this, they replied £10! what will that do for anyone?

Well £10 a month will medicate a child.

£20 a month will help to medicate a Mother and Child.


For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, or a bottle of wine, you really could save a life


Please walk the road of healing with us on ‘Save a life Challenge’

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