Our Charity often gets asked questions, here are most common..

Does GNHCT have a cure for AIDS?

No; and no pharmaceutical company has, despite millions being pumped into research.

However many people are confident that a cure will be possible, one day.

Does GNHCT believe this AIDS is a man-made virus?

No comment.

Is GNHCT getting any closer to a cure?

Yes; we certainly have had some outstanding results with herbal medicine; and we have 14 years of experience in the field.

GNHCT is able to get the C.D.4. count up; and in many cases the Viral Load down.

How do you know this?

Because we have a laboratory; where we test bloods’.

Why are some people still struggling, if herbal medicine works?

GNHCT works in Africa, our patients are living in very impoverished circumstances; and are found at starvation level.

No medicine; be it orthodox or herbal, will work without accompanying nutritional support.

We also do give out food parcels; when funds are available.

What does GNHCT charge for consultations and medical treatment?

Our medical consultations are free.

We make a very small charge of Rand 40 (£4) a bottle for the herbal medicine (500ml)

What would that herbal medicine cost in the U.K.?

Around £35 a bottle Rand 350. (500ml)

Why do you need to charge for herbal medicines at all?

Because, for the last 14 years, we have not recieved any funding from South Africa to support our work.

Is this situation going to change?

Yes it is; already South Africa’s Social Development Department are discussing funding the new medical unit for HIV/AIDS babies and toddlers.

Why should people consider herbal medicine when the ARV's are available?

When GNHCT went out to South Africa in 2001, there we’re no ARV’s available.

The clinics were prescribing Panado.

In 2006 the situation changed for the better.

But what do GNHCT think about ARV's?

For many ARV’s work; however the side effects can be very difficult to deal with.

Because of this many to not adhere to their orthodox treatment.

How do you know this?

Because monitor all our patients and they also tell us this.

So why would people in Africa want Herbal Medicine?

Because the use of herbs is traditional in Africa, and the Africans trust this.

Herbal medicine is safe medicine in qualified hands.

What are the advantages of taking herbal medicines ?

Herbal medicine works by strengthening the bodily systems.

It also works quickly.

Do patients get really well using herbal medicine?

Yes, indeed they do.

How many patients do you have registered at the Clinic in South Africa?

We have over 20,000+/- that come from all over South Africa, and from other parts of Africa.

How much does it take to run GNHCT in South Africa?

Between £6,000 – £10,000 a month.

How does the GNHCT get this money?

We fund-raise in the U.K. and people also donate via a monthly standing order.

How much does the U.K. office and team cost to run?

Nothing! We have a free office above the founder’s Clinic.

We have a volunteer team who work for free.

Do you have accounts to prove this?

Yes indeed. We are a registered U.K. Charity. #1107629

All accounts are published by the Charity Commission each year.

Are you registered in South Africa?

Yes, indeed. We are registered as; N.P.O.061-161.

Are you registered in any other country?

Yes, we are also a 501 (c) (3) in the U.S.A.

What are the long term plans for the development of GNHCT?

To get our formulas patented, manufactured and available to any country that wants them.

Do you need additional money to run GNHCT?

No; we intend to cover costs and allow governments around the world to purchase at cost.

You also talked of EMR Herbal Medicine packs?

Yes this is our long term intention.

Has this ever been done?

No; however we are working with specialists to see that this becomes possible.

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