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We Need a Patient Bus

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We need a bus to bring in patients, as our farm and clinic is a long way from the final taxi and bus stops. The bus will...
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A New Generator

14% Donated/£6,000 To Go
GNHCT urgently need a new diesel generator for the medical equipment and medical services that require electricity. Sadly Eskom the Electric Service Providers are struggling with the...
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The Laboratory

7% Donated/£12,976 To Go
We are delighted to announce that we have received a donation for the viral load machine from The JOHN ACKROYD CHARITABLE TRUST. Thank you! At present we...
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The Farm

4% Donated/£23,997 To Go
A big THANK YOU to Proctor Associates (U.K) for donating funds to enable GNHCT to purchase a new Maize Milling machine It is time that GNHCT had...
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